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Agatha Christie's Ten Little Gay Boys  (1986)

Alternative Titles: Charlie's Angels, And Then They Were Gone

Genre: Thriller/Mystery

Ten young men are invited to stay at the secluded mansion of Sir William Woolworth, who appears only as a voice on an intercom. After dinner, Sir William makes suggestive comments regarding his guests' private lives.

Starring: Daniel Day Lewis and John Inman.

Gerald: "That's very flattering but I'd rather play Scrabble."

Most Helpful User Review:
A gripping tale of homophobia, suspicion and finger-pointing, released at a time when being out of the closet meant having society think you were passing on AIDS with a handshake. This is an adaptation of Agatha Christie's politically incorrectly titled novel "Ten Little Poofters".

BIFTA Winner: Best Not I've Got Work Tomorrow (1987)

Directed by: Barry Michaelmore. UK Colour.