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It Came from Beneath Aldi  (1992)

Alternative Titles: Customer Service, Can I Help You?, Are You Being Served?

Genre: Sci-Fi

Floor staff at the local Aldi Superstore are up-in-arms about the newly recruited checkout operator who is just too perfect. Just how can she scan 10 items in 2 seconds?

Starring: Sharon Gless and David Essex.

Voice on tannoy: "And for those of you planning a party, we've got an offer on toilet rolls at the moment..."

Most Helpful User Review:
SPOILER: The climax at the end of the film - where heroine Sheila Trilby discovers more checkout operators being "born" from a giant, vagina-faced alien blob in the warehouse - is brain-curdling.

BIFTA Winner: Best Special Offers (1993)

Directed by: Barry Chomp. UK Colour.