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Don't Go to a Car Park at Night and Drop Your Car Keys Down a Grid  (1980)

Alternative Titles: Don't Go to Night School, Stranger Danger, Girlschool, Playschool

Genre: Horror

A checkout-girl goes to night school and loses her car keys after fumbling around with them trying to open her car door. She looks around but everyone else has gone... or have they?

Starring: Susan Penhaligon.

Fiona: "I'd like to enrol on the Beginner's Deckchair Folding course, please."

Most Helpful User Review:
The plot is like that of a British Public Information Film from the 70s, which - when stretched over 87 mins - wears a bit thin.

BIFTA Nomination: Best Stalking of a Lead Actress (1981)

Directed by: Randy Pigeon. US/UK. Colour.