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Quatermass and the Ferret  (1955)

Alternative Titles: Quatermass and the Railroad Rodent, Quatermass and the Tube of Terror

Genre: Sci-Fi

A mysterious artifact is unearthed in the London Underground and famous scientist Bernard Quatermass is called to inspect the large metal object.

Starring: George Sanders and Basil Rathbone.

Martin: "What do you think it is, Doctor?"
Dr Quatermass: "Fucked if I know..."

Most Helpful User Review:
After 30 minutes of Quatermass and co tapping the object and saying, "Shh! Listen..." I was getting a bit bored. But when the 4ft ferret finally makes its appearance, I was marvellously entertained.

BIFTA Nomination: Best Dressed Lead Actor in a Lead Role (1956)

Directed by: Brooke Syde. UK. Colour.