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Journey to the Centre of the Town  (1959)

Alternative Titles: Going to Town, Gone Shopping, The Day the Bus Stood Still

Genre: Sci-Fi

Jules Verne classic. An elderly couple decide to venture into the town centre. They pack a bag with rain hat, plastic knife and fork, cling film and Lemsip "just in case". Battling against teenagers, guide dogs and pushchairs, will they get a seat on the bus?

Starring: James Mason and Thora Hird.

Elsie: "Bert, did you bring the Bisodol? I SAID, DID YOU BRING THE BISODOL?"

Most Helpful User Review:
SPOILERS: Starts slow but the action picks up at the bus stop when they realise they've just missed one. Shame they reach their destination disappointed: there's no Harry Ramsden's.

BIFTA Winner: Best Cling Film (1960)

Directed by: Lemony Wilderness. UK. Black & White.