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Journey to the Centre of the Town  (1959)

Alternative Titles: Going to Town, Gone Shopping, The Day the Bus Stood Still

Genre: Sci-Fi

Jules Verne classic. An elderly couple decide to venture into the town centre. The film starts slow with the pair preparing for the journey - packing a bag with rain hat, plastic knife and fork, cling film and Lemsip "just in case".

The action picks up at the bus stop when they realise they've just missed one. Battling against teenagers, guide dogs and pushchairs, they eventually get seated on the bus, but reach their destination disappointed: there's no Harry Ramsden's.

Starring: James Mason and Thora Hird.

Elsie: "Bert, did you bring the Bisodol? I SAID, DID YOU BRING THE BISODOL?"

BIFTA Winner: Best Cling Film (1960)

Directed by: Peachy Arse. UK Black & White.