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Santa Claws: The Movie  (1982)

Alternative Titles: Satan Claus, Satan Claws, Father Christmas, Father Ted, Father Time

Genre: Horror

Yuletide fright-fest for scaring kids. Santa's grotto, in the Bumfries Shopping Centre, is unlike any other.

Santa makes promises he just cannot keep, and when little Johnny Town-House is told he can have the pet spider monkey he's always wanted, he becomes suspicious. Pulling at Santa's beard and kicking his shins, is enough to cause the Father of Christmas to transform into a manic, drooling hairy beast.

Starring: Timmy Spoilt-Schitt and Grandpa Flump.

Santa: "Sit still, you little shit."

Most Helpful User Review:
What he does to the Salvation Army collectors is in particularly bad taste. Bags of festive fun.

BIFTA Nomination: Best Prezzies (1983)

Directed by: Bill Whup. UK Colour.