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The King's Peach  (2010)

Alternative Titles: The King and Fruit, Der Koenig der Pfirsich, For God's Sake It's Only a Peach

Genre: Drama

Colin Firth stars as King George VI of Britain, whose impromptu ascension to the throne threw his embarrassing phobia of peaches into the spotlight. Geoffrey Rush plays the psychotherapist who helps him get over it.

Starring: Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush.

Queen Elizabeth: "I know dearest, but it isn't good for one to scream when the King of Norway's butler brings out peach tarte for dessert."

Most Helpful User Review:
A fascinating look into the struggles faced by George VI on his way to becoming king.

BIFTA Winner: Best Actor in a Shrinking Role (2011)

Directed by: Lenny Barn. UK. Colour.