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Forbidden Wotsit  (1998)

Alternative Titles: Forbidden Food, Cheesy Puffs, Wot No Proper Crisps? Wot's That You're Eating? Can I Have One?

Genre: Sci-Fi/Thriller

The year is 2087. All fat people have been purged from society, and anyone gaining a BMI of over 20 is "regenerated". Salads and fat free foods are all that's available to the general population, and everyone is under strict watch by the Food Police.

Then a Food Police Officer finds himsef in bother after being tempted by an ancient bag of Wotsits he finds in his loft...

Starring: Will Smith.

Chief Food Inspector Bottomley: "Officer Dribble, what are you doing?..."

BIFTA Nomination: Best Not Because You Won't Eat Your Tea (1999)

Directed by: Henry Fondle. US/UK Colour.