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Dead Good  (1981)

Alternative Titles: Dead Folk, Dead Bodies, Play Dead, Death on Two Legs, There's Some Dead People in My House, I See Dead People

Genre: Horror

Newly-weds discover bodies in their house, only to find the perpetrator is asleep in the cellar. When the police arrive the killer is gone and doubting fingers are pointed to the husband, who is promptly arrested. No-one believes the absurd story of the killer in the cellar so the wife is left to live in the house in fear of the real murderer's return.

Starring: Sally Seddon and a then unknown Steve Guttenberg.

Sally: "I want to leave this house! I want to leave now! Now! Let's go! Let's go now! - Oh, wait, I've left the oven on."

Most Helpful User Review:
Cheap video nasty. This movie is so edge-of-your-seat gripping that your bum cheeks will hurt.

BIFTA Nomination: Best Uncontrollable Sobbing (1982)

Directed by: Chorlton Cum-Hardy. US. Colour.