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In the Heat of the Kitchen  (1967)

Alternative Titles: Bitchin' Kitchen, Get into That Kitchen and Rattle Those Pots and Pans

Genre: Thriller

Sidney Poitier stars as Virgin Titts, a restaurant chef, in this stylish 60s classic. Rod Steiger plays a bigoted head chef who accuses him of pissing in the soup. Stress levels increase as more customers arrive, and Steiger develops begrudging respect for the cool-under-pressure black dude.

Trivia: Fifteen years after it was made, the movie inspired Bucks Fizz to pen their classic single, "If You Can't Stand the Heat".

Starring: Sidney Poitier and Polly Roll.

Maitre'd: "Is that a chocolate chip or a mouse turd?"

BIFTA Winner: Best Pancake Flipping (1968)

Directed by: Morphy Richards. US Colour.