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Top Side Story  (1990)

Alternative Titles: Butcher's Best, Cuts of Beef, Cutting It, Cow Pie, Magpie Pie

Genre: Musical/Drama

A butcher's tale adapted from the hit stage musical. An all singing and dancing drama of the rivalry between a local independent butcher and Tesco's meat counter.

Starring: Trevor Cleaver and Vince Mince.

Fred: "Aye Ashley, that Mrs Jenkins is as tight as the skin on a Cumberland Ring."

Most Helpful User Review:
My dad was an extra in this. He said he was almost sick on set from the overpowering whiff of slightly off mince.

Most Popular Song: "I Wanna Hold Your Ham"
Music and Lyrics: Andrew Lloyd Webber and Boyd Rice

BIFTA Nomination: Best Side of Beef (1991)

Directed by: Stevie Wonder. UK. Colour.