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Ryvita  (1978)

Alternative Titles: Crispbreads, Crackerbreads, Crackerjack

Genre: Musical

This musical has gone down in time as the rags-to-riches classic. The story of how a lowly biscuit factory cleaner steals a unique recipe with the help of the factory cat, then to leaves the country to make crackers for the Japanese market.

Starring: Elaine Paige and Barbara Dickson.

Tina: "We're gonna to miss you, you stupid cow."

Most Helpful User Review:
SPOILERS: The ending where she says goodbye to her sisters at the airport had me in tears.

Most Popular Song: "Don't Cry for Me Ange and Tina"
Music and Lyrics: Tim Rice and Genesis

BIFTA Winner: Best Vocals of a Lead Actress in a Lead Role (1979)

Directed by: Gordon Blimey. UK. Colour.