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A Tale of Two Titties  (1991)

Alternative Titles: Storm in a D Cup, Tantrums: The Movie

Genre: Drama

Lindsay Wagner and Shannon Doherty in a made-for-TV yarn about puberty, boys, clothes, make-up and breast implants. The ex-Bionic Woman actress is not best pleased when her wayward teenage daughter has yet another strop about getting DD cups.

Starring: Lindsay Wagner, Shannon Doherty and Claire Raynor.

Mum: "You're not going out like that! Get upstairs and get that off!"

Most Helpful User Review:
Saw this last week on Channel 5. Quite tame by today's standards of fake-everything plastic-looking reality-inspired celeb-wannabes.

BIFTA Winner: Best Do What Mum Says (1992)

Directed by: Linda Cleavage. US. Colour.