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When Harry Met Sooty  (1984)

Alternative Titles: The Sooty Show, 24 Hour Puppet Party

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Mixture of stock footage and reconstruction, this tells the true story of when Harry Corbett met the love of his life. Light-hearted, sentimental clap-trap.

Starring: Harry Corbett, Sooty, Sweep and Soo.

Sooty: "    ."

Most Helpful User Review:
The ending where Sooty runs off with Harry's son, Matthew, makes mums everywhere sob like a baby; I cried laughing. You'll need a whole box of man-size tissues to get through this one, two boxes if think you'll weep like a girl.

BIFTA Winner: Best Fake Orgasm Scene (1985)

Directed by: Matthew Corbett. UK Colour / Black & White.