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Carry On Dickhead  (1972)

Alternative Titles: Carry On Wanker, Carry On Keep That Up

Genre: Comedy

Factory manager Windsor Davies gets his comeuppance when his machinists decide they've had quite enough of him acting like a tosser.

Starring: Sid James, Jim Dale, Barbara Windsor, Joan Sims and Windsor Davies.

Mr Twatson: "You stupid arse! Can't you do anything?! Oh you're fucking priceless! What a moron! And what are you lot staring at? GET BACK TO WORK!!"

Most Helpful User Review:
Hilarious comedy gold. You'll need to be careful if you plan on having a few drinks while watching this one - any Blue Nun you've just thrown down your neck could easily end up sprayed out of every orifice. Yes, even that one.

BIFTA Winner: Best Special Effects for Broom Handle Up the Bum Scene (1973)

Directed by: Peter Rogers. UK. Colour.