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Entertaining Mr Sheen  (1970)

Alternative Titles: Entertaining Mr Ed, Dust Me Down, Do You Like Me Mr Sheen?

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Beryl Reid on hilarious form as a middle aged woman who throws herself at her new lodger, and is forever trying to entice him with her Hoover attachments. Soon Beryl's brother (Harry Andrews) gets in on the act, in a comedy three-some tug-of-love. Based on the play by Joe Orton.

Starring: Beryl Reid, Harry Andrews and that guy whose name I can't remember.

Kath: "Mr Sheen, will your fuck-buddies be around this evening? - Only I can't find your cock ring anywhere."

BIFTA Nomination: Most Polished Performance (1971)

Directed by: Dusty Ragg. UK. Colour.