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He Knows You're Having Sex  (1991)

Alternative Titles: Femidom Ferox, I Don't Want to Die a Virgin, The Humping, Coitus Interruptus

Genre: Horror

Mysterious man in a deerstalker hat spies on young couples copulating, and he's jealous.

Each couple is slain mid swing in increasingly inventive murders, climaxing in a spectacular triple death involving a threesome, six slugs and a Stannah Stairlift.

Starring: John Wayne Bobbit and Melody Maker.

Mikey: "Aw, come on Suzie, if you loved me you'd let me; so what if we're only 13? I've got protection - although the chemist looked at me weird when I asked for some mod-cons."

BIFTA Winner: Best Stunts (1992)

Directed by: Horny Toad. US Colour.