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Don't Go into the Woods or You'll Trip Over and Die  (1988)

Alternative Titles: Twigs, My Baby Don't Care for Trees, Forest Stump

Genre: Horror

Numerous teenage girls go camping in the woods. They get spooked, split up, and one by one, trip up and meet a gruesome end.

Starring: Minnie Skirtt and Polly Gonne.

Bobbie: "It's the trees, Sheriff, the trees I tell you! They strangled Sally May and took her tights! Is that so hard to believe?"

Most Helpful User Review:
SPOILER: Bit creepy when the first girl gets strangled in a freak accident with her own snagged stockings.

BIFTA Winner: Best Stocking Fillers (1989)

Directed by: Hugh Janus. US/UK. Colour.