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Mary Poppers  (1995)

Alternative Titles: Nanny Amyl Nitrate, It's A Jolly Horror Day With Mary, SuperSmackAndCrackAndPotAndEcstasyalidocious

Genre: Musical/Children's

Ill-advised sequel to the children's musical where a mysterious nanny worms her way into an upper class London home and corrupts the whole family with her small bottles of "sugar to help the medicine go down". It's not long before everyone has a sudden rush of euphoria and utter relaxation. And it's not at all long after that that they realise what a shite drug it is and promptly send her out for something else.

Some say it was a social comment on '90s attitudes amongst youth towards drugs, we say it was an excuse for Julie Andrews to take a few E's.

Starring: Julie Andrews, Ewan McGregor, Jack Straw and Shaun Ryder.

Mary: "Let me skin up - yours are too tight."

BIFTA Nomination: Best Bizarre Kaliedoscopic Trip Sequence (1996)

Directed by: Dai Latedpupils. UK Colour.