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Ten+One's Eleven  (1982)

Alternative Titles: Two Divided By Zero, Maths Counts, Maths Topics, Sums It Up, Think of a Number

Genre: Action/Thriller

Vague remake of the Rat Pack classic. A gang of Maths teachers from a poorly funded secondary school plot to rob stationery from WHSmiths. Gripping from start to finish.

Starring: Fred Harris, Johnny Ball, Derek Griffiths & Carol Chell.

Mr Mumps: "And don't forget the set squares!"

Most Helpful User Review:
It is safe to say that was THE coolest film of the year. From the phenomenal script and direction from Steven Sodastream to the impeccable easy going performances of the 'stars' - yes every single one of them!

BIFTA Winner: The Helix Award for Best Pencil Case (1983)

Directed by: Steven Sodastream. UK. Colour.