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Tough Shit  (1991)

Alternative Titles: Bad Shit 2: Shit Harder, Shit Hard: With A Vengeance, U-Bend 571, Scat Master, Block-Buster

Genre: Action

Drain-blocker Arnold Schwarzenegger finds he has his hands full when an industrial chemical is secretly leaked into the sewers of Philadelphia, creating an army of shit-monsters that are hell-bent on destroying the city's stock of bleach.

Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vin Diesel, Steven Segal.

Gunther: "Vot in Gohd's nhem is ghoing ohn? My plunger is having nho heffect hon the faecal bheasts! Whe mhust chontact the Prehshident before whe are chovered in shiit!"

Most Helpful User Review:
Action packed from start to finish, this is one for all those faecal-maniacs out there. And I know there are plenty of them - I've been to Amsterdam.

BIFTA Winner: Best Toilet Duck (1992)

Directed by: Dinah Rodd. US Colour.