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Action Man  (1998)

Alternative Titles: Action Jacks, Action Jackson, G.I. Joe, Eagle Eyed Joe, Ugly Kid Joe, The Plastic Action Hero

Genre: Action

Live action film based upon the popular man-doll.

Action Man is sent deep into a sandpit belonging to an 8-year-old boy to infiltrate a vicious gang of He-Man action figures that plan to take over the garden.

Starring: Vin Diesel, Steven Segal, Action Man, Man-At-Arms, Battlecat and Skeletor.

Action Man: "Action Man to all units, the wendy house is secured, I repeat, the wendy house is secured!"

Most Helpful User Review:
As if the scuba chase across the tadpole-infested pond to the devastating Ker-Plunk weapon wasn't exciting enough, the final confrontation on the Crossbows and Catapults set by the Millennium Falcon left me breathless.

BIFTA Winner: Best Miniatures (1999)

Directed by: Kenner Mattel-Toys. US. Colour.