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Hard as Bombs  (1988)

Alternative Titles: Boom Town, Boom Bang-a-Bang, Hangin' Tough, Tough Enough, Enough is Enough, So Macho

Genre: Action

An elite bomb squad dash about Manhattan in pursuit of a mad terrorist, who plants his explosive devices in old ladies' handbags.

Starring: Steven Segal and James Woods.

Newscaster on TV: "After Ada Mirkin detonated, it took the surgeons 18 hours to dislodge the plastic hip from her sister's armpit."

Most Helpful User Review:
One of the best 80s "bromance" movies. To be frank, it couldn't be more homoerotic if it tried. My friend Gordon loved it.

BIFTA Winner: Best Destruction of a Lead Geriatric (1989)

Directed by: Sem Tex. US. Colour.