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Columbo: Death by Twister  (1977)

Alternative Titles: Strangled by Stealth, Murdered by Mauling, Twisted Sister, It's Ideal

Genre: Mystery

Detective Inspector Columbo investigates the death of a woman, who mysteriously died while playing Twister.

Was it an accident? Or did one of the players bump off his wife by suffocating her, whilst in a tangle of limbs on the spotty plastic sheet?

Starring: Peter Falk, Charlie Horse and Polly Styrene.

Steve: "Oh shake it up baby now, shake it up baby, twist and shout."

Most Helpful User Review:
We know it is murder because we are shown at the start. Columbo knows it is murder but likes to taunt his suspect. And we like to watch.

BIFTA Winner: Best By Far (1978)

Directed by: M.B. Games. US. Colour.