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Columbo: Death by Twister  (1977)

Alternative Titles: Strangled by Stealth, Murdered by Mauling, Twisted Sister, It's Ideal

Genre: Mystery

Detective Inspector Columbo investigates the death of a woman, who mysteriously died while playing Twister.

Was it an accident? Or did one of the players bump off his wife by suffocating her with his groin, whilst in a tangle of limbs on the spotty plastic sheet?

We know it is murder because we are shown at the start. Columbo knows it is murder but likes to taunt his suspect. And we like to watch.

Starring: Peter Falk, Charlie Horse and Polly Styrene.

Steve: "Oh shake it up baby now, shake it up baby, twist and shout."

BIFTA Winner: Best By Far (1978)

Directed by: M.B. Games. US Colour.