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The House on the Left Past the Roundabout  (1978)

Alternative Titles: The Madman's House, Quella Villa Allacanti, The House that Bled All Night, The House that Jack Built

Genre: Horror

A lunatic escapes from the nearby mental asylum, it's raining and he'd like to find somewhere to rest.

The nearest house is the one on the left past the roundabout - it's full of teenagers having a party but he just wants some peace and quiet. And he'll go to any lengths to shut the fuckers up.

Starring: Lee Majors and Donald Pleasance.

Man in street: "The party? Oh, it's just there... on the left past the roundabout."

Most Helpful User Review:
An unsettling experience. It's not a film anyone can feel comfortable about recommending, surely?

BIFTA Winner: Best Directions (1979)

Directed by: Stick Thinn. US. Colour.